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On all roads, highways and interstates in Saskatchewan there are posted speed limits. The speed limit for a given area is directly related to the type of road and the population around it. For instance, a four lane highways may have a posted speed limit upwards of 100 kilometers per hour. A school zone or residential area may be closer to 30 kilometers per hour maximum speed limit. These differences make sense as a posted speed limit is designed to accommodate flow of traffic and maintain pedestrian and driver safety.

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Speeding Laws

A speeding ticket is more often than not considered a moving violation or traffic violation. They are infractions instead of violations. Where a speeding offense can become more serious is if the posted speed limit is exceeded to the extent that it can be considered Reckless or Aggressive Driving. Also, if an accident occurs as a result of speeding the penalties are more severe as well. Lastly, if you were speeding while also driving inattentively i.e text messaging while driving the legal repercussions become more serious.

If you have been charged with speeding you may be at risk of losing your license which can impact your life on many levels. Please call the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Traffic Violation Lawyers at R. Kent Haryett & Company. They can be reached at 1-306-988-2029. Or, email the firm here.

Traffic Violation Penalties

There can be administrative and legal consequences for traffic violations. If convicted of speeding you may face fines, court costs and lawyers fees. You may also experience an increase in car insurance premiums. In addition, your drivers license may be suspended due to traffic violations or an isolated violation is serious enough.

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